Sarah with the human chair (Part 2 of 3)



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Sarah with the human chair (Part 2 of 3)

Part 2 Sarah begins to polish her nails. Sitting on the chair with her feet up in his face she simply polishes her nails paying no attention at all. He truly is an object to her. Strong as a piece of furniture but obedient like a , just the way girls like em! The chair holds and stays as the Princess puts on her polish so she can look sexy for another man. The chair makes a great toe dryer as she puts her feet in its face and it bows air all over her nails. Sasha calls and without thinking she sits back down on the chair but this time the other way. Now the chair has to hold her with her ass right in its face. She chit chats away with Sasha as the slave endures. Now she is angry. She is so unfair. She slaps its face 5 or 6 times hard just because the chair was shaking a little. But it works. He is much more stable now. She sits both ways as the Princess describes how she is going to get fucked. She kicks her feet like a girl on a swing with her full weight on his face. She teases the chair about how he will have to clean out her pussy when she gets home. At one point near the end, Sarah looks into the camera and talks to the viewer. (Part 2 of 3 is 8:19 long)

8 minutes




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