Savannah Destroys Little Danni in Wrestling Practice (720 HD)



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Savannah Destroys Little Danni in Wrestling Practice (720 HD)

720 HD: Savannah is going to practice the moves she just learned in wrestling class on little danni. Danni is so skinny and wimpy, hes not really a good practice partner. Dannis pink chastity bobs between his scrawny legs as Savannah destroys him with her muscular thighs. She smothers the skinny little worm with her ass and scissors his neck. Dannis face turns purple multiple times. Savannah has to be careful, or her weak little partner will pass out before shes even done with practicing! Savannah teaches danni one wrestling move. Its the only move danni seems able to perfect. Its called tapping out. Savanah even tries to be nice and lets danni get a hold on her. Its only seconds before hes trapped between her thighs, yet again. Now Savannah is just getting bored. She sits on his face and giggles. She barely needs to try to get the weakling to tap out. Just say you give up and I win, and Ill stop, Savannah tells danni. Danni finally admits that he is no match for Savannah. Savannah lets him know shes going to class again tomorrow, and shell be back to beat him up some more. The weak little man is just no match for this strong woman. (12:11 long)
Clip contains: Savannah, wrestling on bed, face sit, ass smother, scissoring, wrestled in chastity, strong woman weak man

12 minutes




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