Savannah – Lick My Ass Clean Before My Date Cuck (1080 HD)



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Savannah – Lick My Ass Clean Before My Date Cuck (1080 HD)

1080 HD Savanah will be going out on a date tonight. Her cuckold will wait patiently at home. They’ve talked about her starting to go on dates, but Savannah is not totally sure that her cuck is ready for the reality. Savannah’s ready though, so the cuck will have to learn to accept things as they are. While fixing her makeup before going out, Savannah takes the opportunity to talk with her cuckold. She wants her cuckold to know that he will always have a special place with her. Even though she might be out on dates, having sex with men who have cocks much bigger than his, the cuck will always have a special place below Savannah. Savannah reminds the cuck of its special place by making it lick her ass clean to prepare it for the guy who will fuck her later while on her date. While Savannah’s cuck licks her ass, she makes him think about how she is about to get fucked there by a guy with a much bigger cock than his. If the cuck does a good job prepping her ass, Savannah will give him a nice treat to clean out of it when she gets back from her date! In fact, the cuck will have to wait patiently under Savannah’s rimming chair the whole time she is gone away on her date, just waiting for her to eventually return and demand more ass licking from him. (10:26 long)
Clip Contains: Savannah Foxxx, Ass Worship, Female Domination, Cuckolding

10 minutes




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