Savannah – Uses the Tongue of Shrinking for Orgasm (720 HD)



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Savannah – Uses the Tongue of Shrinking for Orgasm (720 HD)

720 HD: Savannah returns to her bedroom to find that danni has shrunk even more. When she left, danni’s feet and head were hanging off the bed. Now, they aren’t. Soon, he’s going to be so small Savannah can crush him like a bug. Savannah sits nude on danni’s face and tries to squish his head with her ass. “Since you’re so small, there’s nothing you can do about it. So, you’re going to give me an orgasm. You’re going to make my pussy cum.” Savannah makes danni stick out his tongue. She has danni hold his tongue out while she teases herself with it. Savannah sits on danni’s face and commands him to lick. Danni is not doing a very good job. She has danni hold his tongue out for her while she grinds on his face. She squeezes his head with her thighs as she rides. Savannah uses danni’s tongue to bring herself to orgasm, while his little dick is locked up in chastity. “Stop,” she says. “I came. You’re fucking useless now. I got what I wanted. Now, I’m going to leave you to shrink away.” (9:13 long)

Clip contains: Savannah, pussy licking, nude face sitting, shrinking, female uses face of passive male for orgasm

9 minutes




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