Serina and Gisele – A Lesson in the Art of Edging (DVD)



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Serina and Gisele – A Lesson in the Art of Edging (DVD)

720 HD: This clip is a recording of a lesson called “The Art of Edging.” The format for the class is a lecture demonstration with some hands on training. Serina has procured a male subject for her student, Gisele, to practice with. Serina describes the male as “a toy” to be played with. She explains the objective is to tease the male and not give it exactly what it wants. Serina begins the demonstration with a simple stroking technique. Serina shakes her head and laughs at how easy it is for her experienced hands to draw per-cum from the male. Gisele takes a turn. Her teacher makes a correction to her grip and Gisele adjusts. Serina shows Gisele how to excite the cock using just her thumb. Serina makes small circles with her thumb against the back of the head of the cock. She pulls up a long string of pre-cum for Gisele to see. Gisele takes note and tries the technique herself. The girls take turns torturously edging the cock. They withhold its climax by being attentive to the male’s breath. When the cock cums it surprises them both. The girls head down to the basement to grab a fresh male for more practice. (17:19 long)

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Serina and Gisele – A Lesson in the Art of Edging (720 HD)

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