Shayla – I like to flutter kick so hold still



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Shayla – I like to flutter kick so hold still

Shot in 720 HD! Shayla really likes to kick balls. We were are all done shooting for the day and she wanted to keep going. We filmed it and it came out pretty good. Shayla experimented a lot with different style kicks. The ball kicking slave was pretty much wiped out from the day so it had to lie down on its back. This position allowed Shayla to kick in lots of different ways. First running kicks where the slave kept its legs open while Shayla ran and kicked its ball bag like a kicker kicking field goals. Then she did some trample kicks where she stood on its stomach and kicked with her heel. The slave could not move at all with the weight of the Princess holding the ball kicking slave firmly in place. She then did some flutter kicks. Again sitting on the slave she used her heels to kick very girly using her heels to impact the balls. Then she did some slapping and punches hard into the bag. She held the penis out of the way with one hand and using her weight sitting on the slaves chest she swung her other hand hard into its ball bag. Ouch! This was so much fun for Shayla! BONUS: You get a short preview of Britany – Perfectly Round Bubble Butt Ass Worship and Service at the end. (6:21 long)

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