Sophi and Lola – Mean Girl Brat Princess (Part 2)



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Sophi and Lola – Mean Girl Brat Princess (Part 2)

Princess Sophi loves humiliating her girl slave Lola. Sophie arrogantly places her foot on the top of Lola’s head while Lola paints the brats toenails. Lola makes Lola hold her leash in her mouth increasing the humiliation. Sophi watches very carefully inspecting Lola’s work. Lola then makes the mistake of giving Sophi attitude. Sophi makes Lola lose her clothes and then spanks and whips her. First with her leash and then with her own belt. Poor Poor Lola. Placed over the knee of the rich snobby Sophi, Lola has to take the humiliating punishment from her owner. Sophi places poor Lola’s paws behind her back and then spanks Lola. Lola is then placed on her hands and knees and is whipped with the leash and then the belt. Lola hates the belt and whimpers and cries as cruel Sophi lashes the poor slave girl. The rich snob does not care about the poor slave girl. Lola gets whipped with a studded belt a few times that really brings the sadist out in lola. Sophi is a sexual sadist with Lola. Sophi gives Lola a chance to please her. Sophi relaxes back on the bed to enjoy cunninlingus as the whipped slave girl crawls between her legs to pleasure her Princess. Lola is a whipped beaten girl who is very afraid of her owner. The studded belt was VERY VERY painful for Lola and Sophi insisted Lola take it for the video. Very cruel real whipping. Lola actually cries at the end from the . (10:56 long)

11 minutes




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