Sophi and Torie – Ball Busting Endurance Training



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Sophi and Torie – Ball Busting Endurance Training

1080 HD: The girls are having a fund raiser in a few days and they need to increase its endurance to ball busting. Torie starts off with 2 quick sets of 10. Then Sophi gets a turn at the bag. She gets 10 hard kicks to the ball bag of the slave. The girls calculate how many kicks he will need to take for the fund raiser. The only way he will get use to this kind of vicious kicking is repeated blows to his ball bag. The girls just keep going with sets of 10 kicks as hard as they can. Torie shows it no mercy as she decides to punch the ball bag of the slave. The girls take turns grabbing the slave by its bag and punching away. Their fists are tiny but they pack quite a wallop! The slave is reminded how he has to stand still while the girls take turns kicking him in the balls. At the fund raiser there will be a long line of spoiled brats kicking away. Sophie and Torie put the slave through a long ball busting routine. There are a few penalty kicks as well. A penalty kick is when a girl gets a complete full kick fair shot right at the balls. This kick does not count for any official count. It is just extra, meant to train the slave into standing up longer for more kicks. Then it is back to punches. Sophi then knees the cuck hard into its balls several times. Torie then goes for a mixed set of 10 blows to its bag. Punches, knees, and full kicks, with a penalty kick as well. The slave is in agony as the blows begin to add up. The girls laugh and laugh as they punch harder and harder. It is so much fun. This video seems to capture the essence of Brat Princess Ball busting. The slave’s endurance is pushed to the max in this epic Ball Busting movie. BALL KICKING, BALL KNEEING, BALL PUNCHING, PRINCESS BALL KICKING PRACTICE, and GIRL POWER. (14:06 long)

14 minutes




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