Sophie and Lola – You lost my nail polish now you will pay Bitch (Part 2)



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Sophie and Lola – You lost my nail polish now you will pay Bitch (Part 2)

1080 HD: In part 2 the humiliation continues. Sophie tells lola she only whips her because she loves her and she wants her to learn. Sophie now wants her pedicure. “Hands behind your back!” Sophie instructs. Sophie uses Lola’s whore mouth to clean her feet. Sophie uses lola’s leash to hold her head still as she drives her toes deep into the lesbians slave’s mouth. Lola is kept bare most of the time at the sorority house. Collar and heels is all poor lola gets to wear. Sophie is a very mean girl. The way she humiliates lola with her feet. Lola tries to ask if she can have just a few hours to study for an exam. Sophie tells lola that she has a date with a man and lola will have to help her get ready for Him. Sophie then writes SLUT on her chest and tells her to paint her toe nails. When the nails are done Sophie makes Lola blow her nails dry. Lola is utterly humiliated in this clip. Princess Sophie is a complete sorority Brat Princess who is completely spoiled and privileged. She treats poor lola like dirt. Contains: LESBIAN SLAVE FOOT WORSHIP OF BRAT PRINCESS, TOE LICKING AND SUCKING, BRAT BEHAIVOR. (11:50 long)

12 minutes




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