Sophie – Kickboxing with Human Punching Bag (720 HD)



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Sophie – Kickboxing with Human Punching Bag (720 HD)

720 HD: Its time for kickboxing class! Youre my punching bag today! Sophie happily tells a slave. Sophie positions the slave in a doorway with its arms raised. The slave grips the doorframe. Sophie repeatedly punches him in the stomach and gleefully kicks his ribs. Eventually, the slave falls. Sophie gives him no rest. She tells him to stand because she has to keep her heart rate up for this to be a good workout. While punching, Sophie hurts her knuckle. Ouch! Boys arent supposed to hurt girls! She exclaims. Sophie makes the slave kiss her injured knuckle. As he pulls away, she slaps the slaves face. All better, she tells him. Sophie continues to kick the slave. Its chest and stomach become extremely red. Sophie throws the slave onto the floor. She uses his torso as a step for the aerobic portion of her workout. Sophie notices a place on the slaves ribs where he has broken open. She squats full weight on the slaves ribcage and spits in its mouth. Then, she kicks it right near where its skin is opening. She jumps onto its chest and dances. It hurts! The slave cries. Of course it hurts! Says Sophie. Thats the point! She reminds the slave to not speak. Then, kicks him in the balls. Sophie pokes and laughs at the marks she has made on the slaves body. Then, sighs a sigh of deep contentment. (8:06 long)
Clip contains: Sophie, sadism, torso punching, rib kicking, trample, Princess dances on slaves chest, some ball busting, some spitting

8 minutes




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