Taylor – Do What I Say with no Back Talk (720 HD)



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Taylor – Do What I Say with no Back Talk (720 HD)

720 HD: Taylor is such a brat. She is sitting on her step daddy telling a story about how she called the police on her step-sister’s boyfriend. She lets the step daddy know that if he does not do as she says he will get the police called on him as well. Taylor lets the foot freak step daddy worship her feet while she lays down the law. She will not tolerate any back talk from the step daddy. She slaps him in the face and shoves her feet in its mouth. She then goes and gets her dirty heels and makes him lick her heels clean. She is testing her step daddy. If he does not lick her shoes clean or back talks the authorities will be called. She puts the heels in its mouth and takes a picture to use against him. Taylor gets more and more aggressive. She really slams the shoe sole down onto its tongue. She wants her shoes clean! The step daddy leaves his tongue out as Taylor wipes her soles hard on its tongue. You can see the dirt accumulating on its tongue! Taylor knows her step dad is a freak and she is going to use him up! (9:08 long)

Clip contains: Taylor, foot fetish, foot worship, shoe licking, brat princess, step daughter step father, manipulation, and threats.

9 minutes




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