Taylor – Spoiled Princess Smothers her Sugar Dummy (1080 HD)



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Taylor – Spoiled Princess Smothers her Sugar Dummy (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Taylor sits on her sugar dummys face. He is locked in chastity and tied to her bed. Taylor wears seafoam green disco shorts over her perky butt. She tells the sugar dummy she needs to be spoiled. Taylor wants to go to the mall again later. Taylor starts listing off all the things she wants while the sugar dummy struggles to breathe. Its a long list. Taylor teases the sugar dummy by dangling the key to its chastity right over the lock. She tells the sugar dummy that hes not getting out until he spoils her enough. Taylor giggles. Taylor texts her friend to see if she wants to come be spoiled, too. The sugar dummys chastity bobs as Taylor bounces on its face. After a while Taylor gets engrossed in her phone and ignores the sugar dummy. The sugar dummy is smothered in Taylors ass. When Taylor remembers hes there, she decides to tease the sugar dummy some more. Taylor grinds on the sugar dummys face and moans. See this? She says as she dangles the key to the chastity in front of the dummys face. The sugar dummy says yes. Ok lets go shopping. (14:25 long)
Clip contains: Taylor, 18 and 19 Years Old, Facesitting, Brat Girls, Chastity, Tease and Denial, Financial Domination

14 minutes




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