Tiffani – Greedy Princess Demands More From Her Broke Weakling (720 HD)



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Tiffani – Greedy Princess Demands More From Her Broke Weakling (720 HD)

720 HD: Tiffani is a very effective financial dominatrix. She keeps a close eye on her pay puppets credit card statements. She likes to look at her pay pigs credit card statements because it turns her on. All that debt makes her so horny! Also, she can see how the pig is making his payments. She knows how also how close it is to being maxed out so it can order another one. Looking at her weakling credit cards statement she can see how it has not been making the minimum payments and it is close to being maxed out. Tiffani lets him know how it is important for her to be happy. She also yells at him for not making her little step-sister happy from a recent wallet rampage. She wants the cuck weakling to care more about her step-sister and her boyfriend then he does about himself. Think about THEM!. Pig needs to make sure that her boyfriend gets outfits for Tiffani in his favorite color. Tiffani then humiliates the cuck and teases him by allowing it to kiss and worship her feet. The cuck knows that both her and her step-sister will gang bang his wallet hard but he just loves her feet so much. The chastity tube is a constant reminder of his place in life. Tiffani threatens him with a pounding from her boyfriend if he does not find a way to meet his responsibilities. He will be held accountable! Tiffani really dislikes Robert and it really shows in this video. She has no problem in using his wallet hard for herself and her boyfriend. This clip is a dream for financial slaves and foot worship fans. (8:29 long).

Clip contains: Brutal verbal humiliation, financial domination verbal humiliation, foot worship, and emotional sadism.

8 minutes




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