Torie and her cuck – Chastity (Day 14 of 30)



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Torie and her cuck – Chastity (Day 14 of 30)

I am a firm believer in chastity for cucks. Once a month is more then fair for a cuck. They eventually get use to it and accept is the way things are. This cuck was placed in chastity and I put him straight on a monthly schedule. I am sitting on the cuck doing my make up getting ready for a date and the complaining starts. Looking back on it maybe it would be easier to start him off on weekly and build him up to a month. But then again cold turkey is the best way to get rid of habits. Having erections are a tough habit to break! Lol. So I get a little pissed at this cuck complaining about HIS problem. What about me? I want new shoes! I want a new belly ring. Note to cucks: If you want an early or even on time release, try buying gifts. Think about her for a change. Ask your Princess, “Would you like to go shopping today?” or “Would you want to play with my ATM card today?” This cuck got 10 slaps to his balls and 1 extra day in chastity. Watching the video I realized I need to be stricter. Cuck’s don’t get erections. Cuck’s don’t get orgasms. Cuck’s get their balls slapped and extra days for complaining. If you like watching a spoiled cuckoldress throw a fit and punish a complaining cuck, you will love this video! (5:14 long)

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