Torie – Cuck teased and stuffed back in



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Torie – Cuck teased and stuffed back in

Standard Definition: The chastity tube is a literal prison for a cuck’s penis. The Princess holds the key to the cucks penis and from time to time likes to remind the cuck how good freedom and an erection feels. Normal men that are desired by females are not kept in chastity. They get to enjoy erections and actually fucking that leads to a satisfying orgasm inside a women’s vagina. Not so for a cuckold. They are stuck inside a chastity tube for days, weeks, even months! A cuckoldress such as Torie knows that a good teasing can keep a cuck’s ego properly deflated and even depressed. A good teasing can put the cuck into the “chastity blues”. This is a condition very close to actual depression but much better for the Princess. It makes the cuck prime for being taken advantage of financially. The Princess teases her cuck and then stuffs it back into its tube. Then it is off to the mall or the internet for the girl to harvest the cuck financially. In this clip, Torie lets the cuck out of chastity, teases it with a pleasurable hand job. She mounts the cucks face and makes it suck cum out of her recently fucked cunt. The cuck is utterly humiliated as its very small penis is tugged and stroked. This cucks penis is very small as you can see from the screen captures. Then Torie decides it is time for chastity again. Torie is an excellent small penis wrangler. Watch how quick she stuffs the poor cuck back into the chastity tube quick like a bunny. She is quick at little penis stuffing. For small dicked losers how fast do you think she could take you from an erection to tube? Clip contains: Teasing hand job, CB 3000 small penis stuffing, face sitting, and cruel cuckold verbal humiliation. (6:24 long)

6 minutes




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