Torie – Cuckold Identity Reframing



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Torie – Cuckold Identity Reframing

Princess Torie trains her cuck for the next stage. With the cucks finances totally in control, she now hopes to flips him and to train him to accept voluntary sodomy. The cuck should be kept in chastity for a long time. Then the cuck is removed from chastity and given hand stimulation. The cuck will want the stimulation to continue so it is very compliant for training. Torie places a magazine of hot men out for the cuck to have to look at as his little cock is stroked. If the cuck looks away, the hand job stops. The cuck is to look at the male body while achieving sexual excitement. Torie asks the cuck, “What does he have?” “What do you have?” The cuck is to admit the man in the picture is a real man and he is worthless since he has a small cock. The cuck is to choose a name for the real man in the magazine. Torie informs the cuck that she will be setting up a date with the man in the magazine for her cuck. The cuck will be to purchase an outfit and to get ready for his date. During the time of the cucks deflowering, Torie will have a photographer there to capture the moment forever. This is an example advanced identity reframing techniques. These techniques are for the cuckoldress that wishes to further mold their cuck into an even better drone for her to exploit. Once a cuck has been sodomized and pounded by a man during several dates, he will have no male problems left. A cuck that has endured volunteer sodomy and has achieved orgasm only with anal stimulation from a cock will have no ability to talk back to his Princess. His maleness would have been fucked out of him. This video shows a cuck being to learn to find the male body attractive to enable a proper mounting. The goal of this training is to make the cuck to accept being mounted by a male. Torie is very firm with the training. She really lays it into him and makes him repeat over and over how small his cock his and how he is worthless. Buy this video. (14:04 long)

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