Torie – The cuck forgets the earrings



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Torie – The cuck forgets the earrings

The cuck is brushing his Princess’s hair while the Princess is gushing about her new boyfriend and their 6 week anniversary. The cuck is so happy for his Princess he buys gets her a card and a present. The cuck pours its heart into the card, but when the Princess opens the card she barely reads it and scolds him for not having cash. “I don’t like cards with no cash. Do I?” SLAP! Right across the face. The Princess then concentrates on opening her present. It’s the jewelry set she wanted since yesterday. But the cuck forgot the earrings. The cuck did earn some time out of the tube and gets to try and have sex with the Princess. She tosses him the key off her bracelet and she gets on all 4’s waiting for the cucks tiny penis. While waiting she calls Brandi and the Torie gives her some cuck advice. The conversation is very sexy as a true femdom gives another Princess sound advice on cuck control. The cuck finally enters his Princess after eating her ass for awhile. The Princess barely notices. At one point while talking to her boyfriend she scolds the cuck for banging into her too hard. So humiliating. Times up and the tube gets strapped back on and the cuck finishes by having to lap her pussy. This is a great domestic femdom clip. Total humiliation and emotional sadism. (13:26 long)

13 minutes




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