Tories Cuck Gets Her Ready for a Date



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Tories Cuck Gets Her Ready for a Date

NOTE: This is one of the best selling Brat Princess clips of all time. Previously released out for a short time! After watching this video I never knew how bitchy I can be! Cucks can just be so annoying! Lol! My girlfriends are going out for some Princess fun and my cuck is suppose to help me. The dumb cuck is rubbing my feet and he does not notice how dry they are and he has to be told to rub lotion on my feet and I have to wait like forever to get the lotion. It’s like hello cuck? I am going out you know I am going to need lotion on my feet. Whatever. Then I like to relax with some nice ass licking before getting dressed. It is so relaxing and empowering having my cuck tongue my ass. I know his chastity tube keeps him from enjoying it and it is just about me. He licks me and it feels so good. Then I really get mean. He is kept in chastity all the time so I love to tease him. You have to see how badly he gets teased in this. Then the cuck brings out my dress that I want to wear and he helps me get dressed. The cuck then licks my arm pits (yummy) and brushes my hair. The cuck then licks my feet clean just before he helps me with my shoes. The cuck gets his directions for the night and I check his tube one more time before going out. Giggle. And after watching the video I think I should squeeze him into a smaller cuff for his tube. I like it tight. This video shows real domestic fem dom with deep ass licking, cb3000 teasing (HEAVY), arm pit licking, hair brushing, feet licking, and general bitchyness. (20:25 Long) Editor’s note: Torie is so bitchy in this video! For Bitchy domestic fem dom lovers you have to get this video.

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