Vienna – Encourages the use of Chastity and Foot Worship to Fix Relationship (1080 HD)



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Vienna – Encourages the use of Chastity and Foot Worship to Fix Relationship (1080 HD)

1080 HD Mia and Miles have been having problems in their relationship. To try and fix things, they’ve been seeing relationship councilor, Vienna, for a few months. Today, Miles has a solo counseling session. Vienna wants to hear how Miles’ relationship with Mia has changed, since starting therapy. Miles kneels on the floor as Vienna asks him some questions about his chastity. Chastity is a part of Miles’ therapy. Miles removes his clothing so that his practitioner can see that he is in the chastity device. Miles is a good sport, but he has some complaints. Vienna dismisses all of Miles concerns. She reminds Miles that being in a relationship isn’t about being selfish. Being a good boyfriend is about giving your girlfriend what she wants. Vienna inquires as to how the foot rubs she’s instructed Miles to give Mia have been going. Miles confides that Mia has not really been satisfied with his performance. Vienna asks Miles if he’s been sucking on Mia’s toes. Miles admits that he has never licked or sucked his girlfriend’s feet. Vienna is amazed that Miles has not been worshipping Mia’s feet. No wonder she’s unsatisfied! Vienna will have to teach Miles how to worship feet properly, this very session. Miles practices worshiping his relationship councilor’s feet. Some nice relaxing foot worship at the end of the day is sure to keep Mia happy. Vienna inspects Miles chastity closely. He’s looking uncomfortable after the foot worship. Miles complains that the chastity is too tight. Again, Vienna dismisses his complaints. In fact, she thinks she can get him in an even tighter one. Miles has had a lot of complaints in his session today, but complaints aren’t something that will be tolerated. Nobody like a whiner. Miles is going to have to work much harder to fix his relationship. This is just the beginning of Miles’ therapy. (16:42 long)
Clip Contains: Vienna, Miles Striker, Female Domination, Chastity, Foot Worship

16 minutes




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