Wendy – Shoe Worship Before Weekend Trip (720 HD)



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Wendy – Shoe Worship Before Weekend Trip (720 HD)

720 HD: Wendys about to go on a weekend trip with her boyfriend. They went shopping to prepare, only spent $800, and suddenly his credit card was maxed out. How am I supposed to go on vacation with only $800 worth of clothes? Wendy asks the slave licking her shoes. That is not nearly enough clothes for a weekend. Not enough at all. Wendy asks the slave to solve her problem and get her the rest of the things she needs. The slave bobs his head as he fellates her heel. He licks the soles of her shoes as she lists the bathing suits she wants. Wendy remarks that the slave is so stupid to clean her shoes this way. Wendys boyfriend would never lick a shoe. Her boyfriend is sexy, not stupid. Wendy only wants stupid for his money. Hes necessary because Wendy needs to look hot for her boyfriend. The slaves job is to get Wendy all the outfits she needs to keep her boyfriend happy. The slave holds his tongue out for Wendy so that she can wipe her shoes on it. Wendy tells the slave that her boyfriend laughs at him. He knows all about him and thinks hes just a joke. Wendy slips off her shoe and lets pathetic lick her toes a little. (8:13 long)
Clip contains: Wendy, Findom, shoe worship, slave bobs head on heel of stiletto, slave licks soles of shoes, some foot worship

8 minutes




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